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Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow *************> December 8, 2000 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

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Sisters and brothers...

This past week was quite interesting considering the national political scene and the Executive Order put out by President Clinton. If you get a chance, make sure you pass along your appreciation to all the national office staffers, Ruth and John for the quick turnaround and hard work. Even though the EO doesn't carry the same weight as law (when push comes to shove), the language goes a long way towards fighting off privatization. This is just one more effort in chipping away at those issues which affect our lives and livelihood. I dread to think of our predicament without NATCA...

The national airspace MOU negotiations did not happen this past week due to the EO announcement; the FAA team had to cancel. However, negotiations are scheduled for next Thursday in DC. This will probably be the first of a few sessions necessary to reach an agreement. We are optimistic that there are only a couple of issues that there will be any disagreement on, primarily concerning staffing and CI's.

The agency has finally sent us their counter proposal on the Union's proposed MOU dealing with operational errors. Basically, we have asked for a return to the "80%" type rule, and a move away from the criminalization of ops errors. The agency hasn't rejected this, but rather, have added some other requirements that concern us. John is working this issue with Ron Morgan, and I expect that the Union will proffer another proposal to the agency next week. As soon as I hear that we are coming to an agreement, I will let you all know.

The agency has met with representatives of the Union concerning a national consolidation pay rule that addresses consolidated facilities. At this time, the Union's proposal is deemed proprietary so I can't divulge the specifics. I will tell you that the NEB agrees on the Union's proposal, but who can tell what will change during negotiations. To date, I have not heard how our proposal was taken by the agency or what their position was. I believe the NEB will be briefed Monday on our weekly telecon. Additionally, I have not received a clear answer to whether or not discussions have been initiated concerning the pay rule dealing with CPC training failures or removed from the training program. More on Monday...

Friday I met with several reps from the NGL and NEA regions as well as management officials at the command center to discuss NRP. The Unions contention is that NRP is causing additional complexities and volume in specific sectors of the NAS leading to delays and safety concerns. The airlines think NRP is the next best thing to sliced bread...

We met with the TMO's and Jack Kies to come up with a program that allows centers the latitude to restrict NRP on certain routes and at certain times of the day on a static basis. We believe these initiatives will reduce several of the choke point initiatives in the short term. Since all of the possible issues and solutions have not been modeled, we are looking at a very small part of the problem first, with the commitment to expand once the proper data has been documented. We think the initiatives we have agreed to start mid January will produce some very positive benefits to the flying public. Expect some briefing to begin in the very near future...

John informed the NEB of a few more liaison/technical rep positions opening up. They are:

ACD - color display representative (part time)
ARS - liaison
TMU Wx - technical (part time)
ATX - liaison

All those who have put in their name for any position need not do so again. However, if you or anyone at your facility is interested, please send me an email and I will forward it to John for consideration.

The parties at the national level entered negotiations over the PCS/IPP MOU this past week. I have not heard how that went, but assume we will get an update next Monday; more next week...

Enough for this late update, hopefully next week, I'll be more prompt... Hope all had a safe and productive weekend!

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