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Weekly Update November 22, 2000

Sisters and brothers...

This weeks update is short and sweet. I believe I got back to everyone who I missed last week, if not, let me know. About the only real piece of news this week concerns the staffing MOU signed nationally last week. The Great lakes region will be authorized 2937 BUE's for FY 2001, about 23 BUE's less than are currently on board. Discussions are on going nationally concerning the new hires for this year. The big question is, will the agency hire all of the employees they planned based on attrition, or will they hire only as the attritions happen.

If the agency hires only as people leave service, we will never staff to 15,000 BUE's; it will be continuous catch-up. If the agency doesn't begin to train new employees for the very near future, they may find themselves in a bind when large numbers of controllers begin to retire. If the agency hires the new employees regardless of the actual attrition, we may be able to stay on top of the staffing problems that plague not only NGL, but all other regions. It will be interesting to see which direction the FAA takes. I'll relay the information as it becomes available.

I will be in Chicago Monday and Tuesday next week. Chris and I will be reviewing those grievances the advocates were unable to resolve. About 30 grievances were not even addressed at this meeting due to time constraints; these will be addressed in the next advocate meeting in January. So, if you have outstanding grievances, make sure you get all of the information up to the NATCA Chicago office within the next few weeks.

Below is the disposition of the grievances to date. Understand, there will be more of an explanation as to why a grievance was withdrawn or settled; this posting is for informational purposes only. So before anyone asks the million dollar question, allow me the opportunity to explain the rationale once the advocates put it together.

97-045-ZAU Union withdrew
97-160-ZOB Withdraw; agency complied
98-092-ZAU Withdraw; events have overtaken theissue-no loner exists
98-408-ZAU Settled; meeting with 505 andsafetyrep by 1-31-01
98-412-ZID Settled
98-425-ZID Settled
98-431-ZID Settled
98-436-ZID Discuss on 11-27
98-567-GRR Settled at facility level
99-101-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-127-IND Denied; drug testing
99-184-DTW Abeyance; ADR to facility
99-190-DTW Abeyance; ADR to facility
99-213-MIC Denied; drug testing
99-215-CMH Discuss on 11-27
99-218-ZAU Settled; AT will draw up letter for HR/Medical that this shouldn’t have occurred-cease and desist
99-260-TVC Denied; drug testing
99-267-TVC Settled
99-274-FSD Abeyance for arbitration (nig ht diff OT)
99-285-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-287-ZAU Settled; 4 hours restored
99-289-ZMP Withdrawn
99-330-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-347-ZAU Denied; discuss on 11-27
99-331-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-349-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-358-DAY Abeyance; discuss on 11-27
99-362-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-364-ZMP Discuss on 11-27
99-367-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-368-ZAU Discuss on 11-27
99-369-ZAU Discuss on 11-27; training delays
99-372-ORD Denied; May discuss on 11-27
99-383-ZAU Settled
99-386-ZID Settled; priority consideration to MBS
99-387-ZID Abeyance for arbitration (night diff OT)
99-392-ZAU Settled
99-395-ZOB Remanded to facility
99-397-YIP Withdrawn; airspace
99-399-FCM Abeyance; follow up working at the advocate level
00-005-ZAU Withdrawn
00-006-ZAU Discuss on 11-27; TOP
00-009-ZMP Withdrawn
00-010-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-011-FCM Abeyance; follow up working atthe advocate level
00-016-SBN Withdraw if mgmt can produce documents; discuss on 11-27
00-019-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied again; discuss 11-27-OT issue
00-020-D21 Discuss on 11-27
00-025-ZMP Settled; require letter
00-026-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-027-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-033-D21 Withdrawn; reclass appeal
00-035-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-036-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied again; discuss on 11-27- OT issue
00-044-ZID Abeyance; ADR at facility
00-045-D21 Settled; 12 CTE awarded basedon facility practice
00-048-ZID Settled for 8 CHE
00-049-ZID Settled for 8 CHE
00-050-ZID Settled for 8 CHE
00-051-ZID Settled for 8 CHE
00-052-ZID Settled for 8 CHE
00-055-ZAU Withdraw
00-062-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-064-TOL Settled at local level
00-068-ZAU Withdrawn
00-073-ZAU Withdrawn contingent upon video
00-077-TOL Settled at local level
00-078-TOL Settled at local level
00-080-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-081-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-082-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-091-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-092-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-093-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-094-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-095-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-096-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-097-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-098-ZAU Elevated pay issue
00-100-ZOB Denied; discuss on 11-27-OT issue
00-101-ZOB Denied; discuss on 11-27
00-103-ORD Not discussed; Open
00-104-DAY Withdrawn
00-105-ZID Settled; 12 CHE
00-106-ZID Settled; 12 CHE
00-109-ZAU Settled; restore 4 AL
00-110-ZAU Withdrawn
00-113-ZAU Discuss on 11-27
00-114-ZAU Discuss on 11-27
00-117-D21 Withdrawn
00-118-YIP Discuss on 11-27; CIC
00-119-DAY Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-120-DAY Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-121-LAN Discuss on 11-27
00-122-ZAU Denied; pay issue
00-123-ZAU Denied; pay issue
00-124-ZAU Withdrawn
00-127-FCM Discuss on 11-27; excused absence on in-lieu-of holiday pay
00-128-ZAU Discuss on 11-27
00-129-TOL Denied; pay issue
00-131-ZOB Denied; discuss on 11-27-OT issue
00-132-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied at facility level again; discuss on 11-27-OT issue
00-137-ZAU Withdrawn
00-138-ZAU Withdrawn
00-139-ZAU Abeyance; George to follow-up with Belinda
00-141-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied a gain; discuss on 11-27-OT issue
00-143-ZID Settled at local level
00-144-CMH Withdrawn contingent upon verification of reassignment
00-146-ZMP Discuss on 11-27; OT procedure
00-148-ZID Withdrawn contingent upon reassignment
00-149-D21 Withdrawn
00-151-M98 Discuss on 11-27; excused absence for geological conditions
00-154-DAY Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-157-DAY Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-158-ZID Discuss on 11-27
00-159-ZAU Settled
00-161-D21 Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-162-D21 Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-165-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied again; discuss on 11-27-OT issue
00-171-ORD Withdrawn
00-174-C90 Withdrawn
00-175-IND Withdrawn
00-176-IND Withdrawn
00-178-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied again; discuss on 11-27; OT issue
00-179-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied again; discuss on 11-27; OT issue
00-180-ZMP Withdrawn
00-181-ZOB Remanded to facility
00-186-ZAU Abeyance; discuss on 11-27
00-191-MDW Discuss on 11-27
00-192-MDW Discuss on 11-27
00-193-ZAU Not discussed; Open
00-194-ZAU Settled; FAM privileges restored-require letter
00-195-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-197-PIA Not discussed-Open
00-198-PIA Not discussed-Open
00-199-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-200-IND Not discussed-Open
00-219-GRR Discuss on 11-27
00-231-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-234-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-235-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-236-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-237-PIA Not discussed-Open
00-243-ZOB Remanded to facility-denied again; discuss on 11-27; OT issue
00-245-RFD Not discussed-Open
00-246-MDW Not discussed-Open
00-247-HUF Not discussed-Open
00-255-IND Not discussed-Open
00-257-ORD Not discussed-Open
00-266-EVV Not discussed-Open
00-269-D21 Abeyance; ADR to facility
00-274-IND Not discussed-Open
00-279-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-280-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-281-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-282-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-283-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-286-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-287-DAY Not discussed-Open
00-288-DAY Not discussed-Open
00-289-CLE Not discussed-Open
00-290-ZMP Not discussed-Open
00-294-EVV Not discussed-Open
00-295-Day Not discussed-Open
00-297-HUF Discuss on 11-27
00-300-IND Not discussed-Open
00-307-IND Not discussed-Open
00-308-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-309-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-310-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-311-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-312-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-313-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-314-ZAU Not discussed-Open
00-318-ZOB Discuss on 11-27; require denial-payissue
00-319-ZOB Discuss on 11-27; require denial-payissue
00-322-D21 Not discussed-Open
00-323-MDW Not discussed-Open
00-328-PIA Not discussed-Open
00-329-ORD Not discussed-Open

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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