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Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow *************> Setember 22, 2000 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

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Sisters and Bothers...

Not one of the finer weeks for me. As you all know, Mark Bohn's son was
buried this week, and this tragedy will leave a long sad spot on my heart
for many months. I know that Mark and Hein appreciate all of the warm
wishes, condolences and friendship from us during this time of need. I also
know that we are all going to be available to them for support for as long
as they need it. Let's keep them in our prayers and thoughts...

Lobby week appeared to be a grand success. Every indication I got from the
hard working controllers in attendance points to success concerning the
removal of contracting out facilities in the 2001 appropriations bill.
Every time I turned around in one of the congressional office buildings I
would run into another group of fast and furious controllers off to their
next meeting with their congressional representative. Everyone I talked to
said that their representative was in favor of removing that language from
the bill. A lot said they were not even interested in
contracting/privatizing the FAA (republican as well as democrat).

I know talk's cheap, but none the less, this is a good indication. Now we
must really pour on the influence and kill contracting out/privatization
once and for all; this should be our next push at lobby week II in May,

I was to be involved in an NEB meeting Thursday and Friday, however, a
friend in need required my presence; I did not make the meeting. As soon
as I get an update on the issues discussed, I will forward those out. I had
asked that the issue of staffing, consolidations, and seniority concerning
schedules be removed from the agenda. Hopefully, these will be discussed on
the Monday telecon.

Other news... there are a number of ATTE cadre instructor classes available
for the upcoming year, beginning in October. If anyone is interested, or
have members that are interested in learning to teach, please e-mail me
their names. I would also appreciate your posting this information to your
members. The dates are as follows:

10/1 - 11/3
1/9 - 1/12
1/23 - 1/26
5/22 - 5/25
6/19 - 6/22
9/11 - 9/14

Travel the day before and the day after classes to the Academy.

I will be in Chicago Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday next week.
you should be able to reach me in the NATCA office. However, I will be
meeting with members of C90 on Tuesday evening, and I'll be at the RO on
Wednesday afternoon.

Reference the Chicago news... NATCA will pursue exoneration of the 15
controllers involved in the disciplinary action proposed by the FAA. We
have just received the investigation final report, but additional
information relied upon by the agency is still forthcoming. Unfortunately,
there is much more to the story than the FAA has produced for public
consumption. NATCA will not abandon our brothers and sisters, at least not
on my watch...

George and I will be discussing several issues at the RO on Wednesday. Some
have come up over the past two weeks, namely staffing, new hires, SWAPS,
etc. We will of course match our list of outstanding grievances and issues
still open at this level with the FAA's list. It is my intention to address
each of these issues during the second or third week of October.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Pat Forrey
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