<!----Enter Date Bellow *************> Weekly Update for April 13, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>
Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow *************>April 13, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

Sisters and brothers....

This has been a busy week tying up as many loose ends as possible and preparing for leave next week; it seems that there is always something else that has to be done... anyway, let's get right to it.

PCS/IPP - George has begun discussions with the RO on the distribution of new hires here in the Great Lakes region. I instructed George to make sure that the agency considers the ingrade/downgrade IPP's, swaps, and hardships prior to any placement of new hires. The agency believes that they cannot tell a manager to select an individual off a bid list. However, the agency has already agreed to do that with the signing of the PCS?IPP MOU and associated addendum. The agreement states that they must select qualified bidders before they fill the vacancy with a new hire, and this includes MARC students in the centers.

I told the region that managers who wouldn't hire experienced and qualified BUE's from the IPP list are required to justify their actions, first at the regional level and then at the national level. The region was asking what constitutes rationale for not selecting an IPP request. I stated that the only scenario I could think of would be a candidate who has been unsuccessful at the same level facility. I stressed that even being unsuccessful once doesn't necessarily mean that the individual would not be successful a second time. I did concede that if an applicant failed twice at the higher level facility would probably qualify as justification to not select. I stated that for any manager not to select an experienced and qualified BUE off the IPP list had better have the goods to support that action, or they will be overridden.

Nationally, we have agreed to open up the unfunded moves for the remainder of the year once the 79 agreed to PCS vacancies have been advertised ( the remaining 30 or so will be done later this fiscal year). However, the agency is required to do this by April 30. The NGL has already advertised the 12 PCS vacancies, and we are waiting for the other regions to advertise theirs. My position is to delay the placement of new hires until we open up the unfunded moves. This way, we'll be able to fill the vacancies at the lower level facilities.

The other disagreement we have is the swapping of IPP's from outside our region with new hires. The Union's position is that the agency must first select off of the IPP list, regardless of what region the BUE is coming from, and then swap a new hire to the region that the IPP came from. Some in the region believe, as well as some managers, that once they have exhausted the IPP list (in other words, decided not to select anyone) that they can place a new hire in an ATC 9 level facility or higher. Oh contraire... this issue and the IPP's from outside the region have been forwarded to ATX by management, and we anxiously wait their interpretation .

Needless to say, I believe we are making progress on all of these issues, and expect them to be resolved sometime next week.

CPC Training Failure/Withdrawal - Looks like there will be a delay in agreement on the CPC Training Failure/Withdrawal MOU. In the Union's proposal, we included that the agency agree that the SCI portion of the pay system continue in it's current form for years four and five of the CBA. Preliminary discussions in DC have not been fruitful, and now we are waiting for a counter proposal from the agency; the ball is in their court. Because of this development, I cannot say when the issue will be resolved, if ever.

Orlando FacRep Meeting - After lengthy discussion with the RO, I believe we have come to an understanding on official time. The region sent out a letter to all of the ATM's describing the release and the applicable articles. However, the letter isn't all inclusive. There are other sections in A2 that a FacRep could use besides S13 or S17. If you encounter any problems with the identification of official time, tell your manager to call John Mullen, AGL-540. In addition to the A2 time, each rep will be afforded 4 hours to meet with AGL-500. In all, there should be enough time to make this meeting as well as the next one in New Orleans. One final note, for those who aren't FacRep's, Chris is willing to allow a total of 8 hours for travel and to meet with the 500. I have identified these individuals to him; unfortunately, that's all I could get; the remainder of the time will have to come from something worked out locally, some other leave or via a FAM.

Legislative - The legislation to change the CSRS annuity to 2.5% after year 20 of service has not been scored by budget committee, they have been scoring the tax cut for the past few weeks as that is their priority. The first question they ask when approached by NATCA is the cost of this change. Currently, Ken Montoya and the legislative department are putting together the numbers.

Concerning the legislation to change forced retirement for CSRS BUE's who will not have 20 years good time prior to reaching age 56, the democrats on the Treasury/postal appropriations are on board, and NATCA is working on support of the republicans.

On a final note, make sure you keep up the great work responding to those misguided editorials out there that support privatization, commercialization, or whatever other buzz word they give it. If you need some examples on how to respond, give me a call or page with your fax number and I'll send them on. or call Rich Ulmes pin# 50401, email rulmes@aol.com<BR><BR>ATX Liaison Mike Hull - REP Requests:<BR><BR>1. They are requesting a rep to participate as a full-time tech-rep for the Terminal Systems Division under A48.<BR><BR>2. Two NATCA designees, Mark Kinsella (STL) and Roxanne Goeltz (MSP) can no longer participate in IOT&E for the ATS Test Team. Mike's replacement does not have to be from STL, but they need to be from a large facility that will receive STARS (preferably one that is on the STARS EDC-2 waterfall, (BDL, MEM, LAS, CLE or DTW). Roxanne's replacement also has to be from a facility that will receive STARS, and he/she needs to have at least 5 years experience in AT/Automation.<BR><BR>Dates of travel for the above people will be: 2 weeks in June, July 9-14, and July 17-20 (tentative).<BR><BR>Anyone assigned to the ATS team can not be or have been involved with development activities, i.e., CHI evals, OT&E,etc. This is due to a need for independence. Site specific work on STARS would be O.K.<BR><BR>3. The agency is intending to implement a DSR software enhancement entitled "Annotate". This change will provide the air route traffic controller an ability to create, modify, move and delete graphics and text on the DSR display<BR><BR>Membership - Update:<BR><BR>FAA Civil Aviation Security (CAS), A petitioning drive was initiated from employees of this organization in June, 1999. A petition was filed in the fall of 1999 with the FLRA. The agency responded to the petition immediately thereafter. They indicated their belief the majority of employees within the petitioning unit should be excluded due to the potential national/international security risks. Based on this response, NATCA challenged the FAA and FLRA monitored hearings were immediately initiated. Following the conclusion of the hearings, both the agency and NATCA submitted briefs in April, 2000. To this date, we have not received a judgment from the authority. We believe that a decision will be distributed to both parties no later than June 30, 2001. The outcome of this decision will determine the construction of the bargaining unit and its employee exclusion/inclusions. The original petitioning unit consisted of approximately 1,000 employees.<BR><BR>FAA Staff Support Specialists, On February 23, 2001, after receiving a significant number of "show of interest" cards, NATCA filed petition on behalf of 650 staff specialists employed in terminals, centers, and regional offices nationwide. The FLRA has received the petition and has contacted the FAA for its comments and concerns. In addition, the agency was mandated to post this petition in relevant work areas within the agency. An election date has not been established to this date. We are waiting for the agency's response and their listing of any potential exclusions. When an election date is negotiated and the specific terms of the bargaining unit have been concluded, prospective members will receive informational packages at their residences or through the facility representatives at their work site.<BR><BR>If you have any questions, please call Lew Zietz at NATCA National, ext. 4803, email lzietz@natcadc.org<BR><BR>Finally, don't forget to get familiar with NATCA.net/org/com, there is some great stuff on there and the communications committee is adding stuff by the week; great job on their part. Also, check out the NGL web site for information and where I'm at (calendar)... it's usually pretty accurate. I'll be on annual leave beginning tomorrow through next Sunday (4-22). If you need to get some questions answered or need some help, contact George at the NATCA regional office - 630-268-8430, or contact him via pager #14002. His cell phone is 630-235-1230.<BR><BR>Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!<BR><BR><BR>Pat<BR><BR> </FONT> <BR> <BR> <BR> <A Href="patspast.htm" target="main">[Back]</A> <A Href="../updates.htm" target="main">[Updates]</A> <BR> <BR> <BR> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TBODY> </TABLE> </BODY> </HTML>