<!----Enter Date Bellow *************> Weekly Update for April 6, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>
Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow *************>April 06, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

Sisters and brothers...

Evidently the page I put out concerning the number of members who dropped from NATCA did not come out as clear as I hoped. So, I will put out the number of drop outs from each of the facilities again... I have not received the listing of the individuals names, but that will come sometime next week.

I ask you all to talk with each of the members who have dropped out this past open season, and ask them to reconsider. In most cases it is merely a single issue that pissed someone off, and time heals all wounds. Ask them to consider the big picture, especially if they are young with many more years left in the agency. If they are not happy about something the Union is doing, tell them to ask the question and/or get involved to make a change.

Total for NGL - 46 dropped out of NATCA

  • CAK - 1
  • C90 - 2
  • DAY - 1
  • D21 - 1
  • EVV - 1
  • FSD - 1
  • IND - 1
  • M98 - 1
  • MIC - 3
  • MSP - 5
  • SBN - 1
  • YIP - 6
  • ZAU - 1
  • ZID - 6
  • ZMP - 4
  • ZOB - 10

New Hires - George and I are currently looking over the agency's proposal for placing new hires over the next two quarters. It looks like we are getting 70 bodies for this time period.

With the PCS/IPP MOU signed sealed and delivered, 60 out of the potential 102 PCS moves have been committed (obligated to specific selections. We expect that the remaining 42 or so will be committed shortly.

George will be meeting with John Mullen AGL-540 and Joyce Brand on Monday to discuss where we want the new hires to go. I have instructed George to first look at the hardship and lateral/downgrade IPP requests before we agree on the placement of new hires. I have put out a request to you all concerning the number of training failures/withdrawals you have currently pending as well, so that we can solidify their return to their last assigned facility before putting a new hire in there.

Next, I want him to look at all of the IPP requests for level 9 facilities and above. Once all of the PCS funds are obligated, NATCA has determined to open up IPP movement nation-wide. My intent is to try and staff those facilities where IPP requests have been generated in order to facilitate a sooner release for those folks once the IPP's are opened up.

Once this is done, we will determine where the new hires will go. I caution all of you, the agency does not have to select IPP's for vacancies. We have run into this problem in the past, and the agency turns around and places new hires in. My opinion is that an experienced ATCS is better than a new hire, and should always be considered better for the job than someone off the street. Obviously, the agency doesn't always tend to agree with me but, alas, we'll struggle through it one more time... I will do my part to question the reasons for not selecting experienced candidates over inexperienced ones.

Finally, I have an agreement with the RO that if all of the vacancies are not filled in level 9 facilities or higher, that means that if there are 10 vacancies and only 5 bid, the agency can put 5 new hires in that facility. It doesn't mean that there are 10 vacancies and the agency decides not to select any of the 5 bids that they can put 10 new hires in.

Article 17 - There appears to be some confusion as to the direction I put out last week concerning the A17 time logs. To be clearer, this is not a NATCA requirement, rather an agency requirement. I want all of the FacReps to ensure that their manager is capturing all of the time that BUE's are doing duties other than operational duties. However, I don't mean required training for operational duties such as briefings, mandatory briefing items, read and initial. I mean those duties other than operational duties.

The question of NAR or STARS, or something that isn't per say A17 identified by your facility, are still A17 duties, especially if they are dealing with items directly impacting your facility. If there is a discrepancy between what you think should be recorded and what your ATM thinks should be recorded, try to convince them otherwise, but don't get your panties in a bunch if they don't agree. this issue of what should be included will be resolved nationally very soon; in fact by the next request to the facilities (or shortly thereafter).

If you wish to keep track (and I think you should) of the times recorded by management, just hang on to the information for the time being. This stuff is important because we are going to grilled by the IG and Congress if we don't show more productivity. Remember, don't forget to include those times for duties you have always done in the past (i.e., schedules).

OSHA - I am setting up a meeting with Chris, Kip Johns, Taylor Koonce and myself to try and establish one agreed to procedure for hazardous conditions that are popping up all over the region (i.e., asbestos, air quality, etc.) We have had problems in the past few months between NATCA's take on the procedures and the region's. This has resulted in prolonged periods of time that our BU members have been subject to unsafe conditions. The unfortunate thing is that this is truly not rocket science. I'm confident that we can reach an agreement between NATCA, AT and AF.

Chicago Area Fundraiser - There will be a fundraiser For Congressman Bill Lipinsky on May 4, 2001 at the Chicago Sheraton at which NATCA will be a sponsor. We have 5 seats available for this event so any of the Chicago are facilities that want to send a representative, please let me know ASAP. I have already received a couple of requests, so don't hesitate; let's show our presence...

Unum LTD Insurance - I know... if you hear another plug for the long term disability, you will lose all interest. So I won't plug. However, I have received some feedback that the proper information about the plan is not being relayed to members who call and ask questions. Hopefully, we have taken care of that problem. I notified Lew Ziets immediately upon hearing this information and he likewise contacted Unum. The last thing we need is bad information given to our members.

If you believe that the information you receive is wrong or if you hear information from a person at the 800 number that doesn't seem right, please contact me or Lew, or contact Karen Right at 1-800-628-6096 Ext. 58050. She will clear the air and give you the correct information. If you know of members that have called and are not impressed with the coverage and policy, ask them to call Karen.

Learning Council - I will have two openings for the NGL learning council very shortly. If anyone is interested, please email or page me. The group meets quarterly, usually in Chicago for about a week, to discuss training and associated issues. Their recommendations are then given to the national learning council for deliberations, and hopefully, implementation. If you have any questions concerning the issues they deal with, contact Mark Bohn pin # 14253.

TAAP MOU - Terminal and center facilities need to get together and work out procedures for restricting altitude assignments to departing aircraft. In order for both the centers and the terminals to take advantage of the MOU, departure sector procedures need to be established that will help both the center departure sectors and the tower controllers in sequencing, in trail restrictions, etc. Let me know if you are having any problems...

Next week I'll be in Cleveland at work in the office and taking some leave. Hope everyone is having a grand weekend!


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