<!----Enter Date Bellow *************> Weekly Update for February 23, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>
Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow *************>February 23, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

Weekly Update for February 23, 2001

Sisters and brothers...

If you're just logging on today, you wouldn't have noticed that I'm just getting around to writing this update on Sunday the 25th. If you were looking for it on Friday, thanks for being patient...

This week closed with my attendance at a memorial service for a great friend, member, and brother Charlie Bunting. I can't tell you how sadden I was to hear of his death; he was such a person of life, of what life's all about, family, friends, work and enjoyment. As Johnny put it, rest in peace Charlie... I'm going to miss him.

This week I just about finished memo's to all of the FacRep's concerning third level grievance results.All of the grievances discussed at my meeting with Chris and some of the 3rd level advocate grievance results have been mailed to the corresponding representatives. Hopefully, the rationale and reasoning behind the respective action taken is explained in the letters. In this way, you should be able to at least explain to the affected members why a certain result was determined.

I have had some feedback concerning third level results, and it was not necessarily all good. One of the issues I wanted to address in this process was giving the FacRep's information as to the reasoning behind each grievance disposition. Unfortunately, information flows down informally to facilities and affected employees, catching everyone off guard. I will continue to improve that information flow in each subsequent third level review, so that you are not left holding the bag trying to answer questions you don't have answers to. Thanks to those who continue to remind me of this.

Comp Time - The national office has filed a national grievance concerning the illegal scheduling of compensatory time prior to using annual leave. We have had a few managers attempt to do this over the past few months, but once the RO got involved, it stopped. If you are encountering this scenario, or if management is deducting comp time when you take annual leave, let me know.

CIC Pay For TMC's - Apparently, TMC's are not receiving CIC pay at select facilities. This issue has begun to crop up not only in our region, but across the country. NEA filed a regional grievance, and after some discussion with ATX, it appears that payroll is the problem. Since TMC's are considered MSS-1's, the computer program for CIC pay was not written to allow this for MSS-1's. I suggest you have your TMC's keep track of the time they were on the CIC position to ensure proper back pay.

It doesn't appear that this is a labor issue, but then again, I haven't seen anything from the agency in writing acknowledging that TMC's are entitled to CIC pay under the circumstances involved, i.e., TMO/STMC not in the operating quarters.

LM Forms - Take note, all FacRep's must get their appropriate LM Form into the DOL (copy to NO and facility records). Additionally, an IRS affidavit or appropriate IRS tax form needs to be completed and submitted. Look for this info in your FacRep mailing.

CPC Trading Failure/Withdrawal - I believe that the Union now has a solid proposal to take to the agency that will resolve the movement of BUE's from facilities that they have either failed in training or withdraw from training. The question of the day will be what the agency wants. We do know that they have wanted to resolve this issue for a long time now, so hopefully, our proposal will suffice both parties and an agreement can be reached in a short period of time.

Hold Over Overtime - I will be filing a regional grievance concerning the assignment of BUE's either held over past their regularly scheduled shift or required to come in before their regularly scheduled shift for "suffered overtime." I believe the CBA is quite clear in describing the proper entitlement. Management believes they can assign the "suffered overtime" for 10 or 15 minutes for shift overlap. Our contention is that this requirement disappeared with Personnel Reform and was subsequently negotiated in the 1998 CBA (A38 S9).

This week I will be in Rhode Island with Chris Blum for an S2K+1 leadership meeting. I am encouraging all of members to not blow off this initiative. I believe that the controllers working the position are an integral piece of managing traffic - we do it every day. Information flow from the controllers to the unit and vice-versa would not only help us be more effective in moving traffic safely, it will enable us to inform the pilots of why things are happening the way they are. And any information that gives an honest description of the problems at hand, will go a long way in our continued fight to allay charges that the problem with delays is the ATC system.

Hope everyone had a great weekend...


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