<!----Enter Date Bellow *************> Weekly Update for February 16, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>
Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow *************>February 16, 2001 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

Weekly Update for February 16, 2001

Sisters and brothers...

Another week has zipped by... thanks to all for being patient with my response to your inquiries, hopefully I've responded to each of you who have called in a prompt manner.

3rd Level Grievances - This week ends with some news on the latest third level grievance review. In my estimation, it was very productive. Of course there are going to be some who will be disappointed with the resolution to their particular issue, but in those instances, I intend to provide the rationale. Hopefully, that will be completed by next week. George is currently assimilating all of the issues for a report out next week.

All in all, about 7 issues will be elevated to Article 9 ADR - 3rd party neutral, in March. Our intent was to have another advocate meeting in March, but that may be pushed back in order to clean up the current back log of grievances scheduled for arbitration (4th level) and the ones we couldn't agree to settle this round. If the issues at 4th level don't warrant 3rd party neutral, and require full blown arbitration, we will most likely have another advocates meeting as scheduled in March with the A9 ADR immediately following. More on that once we identify how many issues we're talking about at the 4th level.

As for the advocate process itself, it is going to be changed. Instead of having our advocates and the agency's advocates meet alone, these individuals will present each side of the issue to Chris and I, and we'll make a decision to withdraw, settle, or put before the 3rd party neutral. We will utilize the same format at the A9 ADR process, i.e. 15 minutes for each side per grievance, and then make a ruling. I think this may work out for the better; our advocates will be prepared and be in practice for the A9 ADR 3rd party neutral (arbitrator).

Staffing Standard - I participated in a briefing at FAA HQ on Thursday concerning the staffing standards for terminal and en route facilities. As was agreed to in the staffing MOU, the parties are to address and evaluate the current staffing standard that is used and applied to BUE distribution. Overall, I have a high degree of confidence in the standard used for en route staffing requirements, and about an 85% degree of confidence with the terminal standard.

As it shook out for FY2002, the agency standard requires 15,480 BUE's for both options nationwide. Based on that number, a prorated percentage (15,480/15,300 = 1.2%) would equate to 3098 BUE's for NGL. what that means is that the total staffing of all facilities in the NGL based on the agency staffing standard would equal approximately 3134. the 3098 (98.8%) is prorated by the percentage of total staffing required by the negotiated staffing number nation wide. the agency presented us with their proposal which included the 3098 for NGL. From this point, the NEB will discuss the validity of the standards for both options and initiate with the agency any changes we feel may enhance a more accurate requirement, and/or negotiate with what they proposed.

The TMC staffing guide is somewhat different, in that it is not quite as scientific as the controller standards. They agency is proposing an increase in TMC's of 94 nation wide, including an additional 25 for NGL.

PCS/IPP MOU - The RO has turned in their requests for IPP and PCS availability for the March deadline. Since there are only 34 IPP slots available nation wide, each of the regions will have 5 IPP slots for the remainder of the year. The region also put in a request for 29 PCS availabilities. I was told that they are only going to select about 60 nation wide for this initial round; we know that they have expressed funding capabilities for about 125 for FY2001. I have not received copy of the list of the facilities, but I have seen it and gave it my blessings.

One of the problems I think we will have nation wide is the lack of mid level facilities being targeted for PCS. Since we are limited in IPP moves for this year, most if not all of the PCS moves are going towards level 9 facilities and above. This is because of the agreement to not let any new hires into level 9's and above. We have been putting all of the new hires into level 8's and below. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, only that BUE's who want to move from Level 5 or 6 to a level 7 or 8 are going to need PCS since the IPP's are very limited. And because the PCS funds are limited, all of the vacancies for Level 9's and above are being targeted for PCS moves. I don't have the answer to this dilemma, but hopefully we can find one.

Legislation - I spoke with ken Montoya concerning the legislation fix on BUE's who will reach age 56 before they have 20 years of good time. Ken will be meeting with the House Transportation and infrastructure committee next Tuesday to discuss this issue and other retirements legislation. Ken feels that this particular piece, which affects several members in our region (125-200 nationally), should be easy to get introduced by the committee this year. More on that as it develops.

CPC Training Failure/Withdrawal - Still no movement on this issue. Once John returns to DC, he intends to initiate discussion on reaching a mutual agreement. From our point of view, it doesn't appear to be a difficult issue to resolve.

Ops Error MOU - A question and answer document, signed by both parties was sent out to all on this list the other day. It is comprehensive guidance on the handling of operational error less than 80% and operational deviations. Make sure you are familiar with it. We were also informed today that ops sups will also be covered (for lack of a better word) by the agreement as it pertains to the 80% rule and operational deviations. And the NGL is still leading the nation in error reduction... we are down 29% from the same time last year.

FDIO Problems - I received notice today that the agency is implementing an FDIO replacement program for the terminal facilities nation wide. I was alerted to this a few weeks ago by Kay Zahoric, when they changed out the old printers for the new ones. They were so hard to read, she had them put the old ones back in.... I've asked our labor relations staff to initiate A7 negotiations concerning the FDIO replacement printers. If our folks are having trouble reading strips, we could have a problem on our hands. I understand that the replacement parts for the old printers aren't being made anymore, but before putting in new ones, we need to ensure that the work force can read the strips.

Modernization for Centers - Apparently, the agency will be discussing the issue of modernizing all of the en route facilities nation wide in a couple of weeks. The RO has asked that the ATM's provide input concerning this initiative by Friday next. I encourage all of the center reps to give me any input you have by Thursday nest, so that I can forward that to the RO. It wouldn't surprise me if the agency was considering center consolidations as a remedy to the 20 crumbling buildings.

LAHSO - I've been told that there are 72 PAPI's (precision approach path indicators) available nation wide for airports that can do LAHSO. The request has gone to your ATM as to his/her desire to secure one of these instruments. If your manager hasn't contacted you about this, make sure you let him/her know if your facility needs one. I believe this instrument will be required for LAHSO at certain airports, so don't miss out, the numbers are limited.

Also, I believe new order is out or being reviewed concerning LAHSO. From what I understand, it doesn't do a whole lot for increasing capacity, nor relinquish the controller of all responsibility. I don't have a copy of the draft (?), but if you get your hands on one, let me hear your thoughts.

Employee Attitude survey (EAS) - the EAS will be out next week for all those who are wondering how your fellow brothers and sisters feel about their employer...

OIG - the IG has just completed an audit of the employees who have a government credit card. the results of their findings will be out next week. Hopefully, this is of no concern to you...

I'll be taking Holiday leave Monday, then off to DC for a meeting on NRP Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be back in Cleveland on Thursday and Friday. Hope everyone had a safe and productive week, until next time we talk, have a great weekend!


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