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Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow ****************> October 26, 2000 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

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Brothers and Sisters,

I thought I would get a jump on my weekly update and send it out on Thursday instead of Friday. A very productive week!

Flew back from the IFATCA conference on Sunday with a pile of information from the conference for the National Communications Committee and a stack of budget work to do. Monday morning greeted me with an overflowing in box. I paid a stack of NATCA bills then stopped in on the communications committee meeting. It was great to see these guys brainstorming ideas for making NATCA more accessible to its members. These guys have some exciting plans in the works, and they gave me this new category!

There were meetings on every floor, I just wish I had a chance to visit all of them. The Radar Tower Coalition was hard at work, the National EAP team was arriving for a week of work with the FAA, Structural Reform and TMC negotiations were all meeting at once. It is great to finally have enough meeting space for all of our groups to work for the membership without tripping over one another.

I spent the evening with the National EAP committee. We talked about their work and the structure of the committee. They are poised to move forward as a committee and the rest of the week proved it. They had a very productive meeting with the FAA, but I don’t want to steal their thunder, Brad Troy from the committee will be putting out an update on their progress.

My first NEB telcon took nearly two hours and we are gearing up for the budget process, looking to fill some liaison vacancies and teambuilding next week. I am looking forward to it. Rodney asked if I was going to continue with the “annoying daily updates” or would I scale back to weekly. Oh, wise master of the weekly update, I only went daily for IFATCA.

Tuesday morning took me back to Miami for the ceremonial opening of the time capsule planted in 1962. All of the contents were intact and they had a nice collection of strip holders and double enders ?. But seriously, there were letters from Eastern and National Airlines each predicting their future supersonic flights. I stopped by my house to pick up some suits and flew back to DC, sadly no faster than Mach .80.

Wednesday morning and there is Dale Wright, possibly the hardest working man in NACTA (sorry JTB) who took me through some problems with local LM3/4 filings, or lack thereof and assorted other financial issues. He is also the ARS liaison, a job that I know requires constant vigilance and since two of the liaison positions within ARS are vacant, he is taking up the slack there too. Quick wrap up with the communications committee and spent a few hours with Susan Grundmann and Randy Schwitz working on NMI issues and the litigation against NATCA. Had to leave at 4:00 to get a haircut for my calendar photo Thursday.

Spoke with the international affairs office of the AFL-CIO to develop a strategy for a show of solidarity and to build US political pressure to support the controllers in Argentina.

Thursday was packed from the moment I walked in. I discovered that traffic into DC is even bad at 6 am! Met with Sherrod Shim to go over the Hill and Knowlton ad campaign and review the budget proposals for next year. We need to be prepared for whatever November 7 brings us and Sherrod was already on top of it. She had a range of costs worked up depending on the level of action required. We discussed moving forward with the entire organization unified behind the effort and message. This is not just a communications department effort, we need to bring in all of the committees and departments to get the most benefit from our advertising expenses.

Had lunch with Donna Gunther, our human relations department to discuss various HR issues within NATCA and the development of the department, which is relatively new. The EAP committee completed their work today and followed up with a meeting with me. They taught me that I must learn to check my Palm, because meetings may appear there. Which is actually pretty cool, but when Brad said I had a meeting with the team at 2:30, I am afraid I had a little deer in the headlights action going.

Courtney took me over to my photo shoot at 4, which is in some guy’s apartment, but John said it was okay. Came back to the office, paid some more of NATCA’s bills, answered a bunch of phone calls and sat down to write this update for you. I am going to celebrate my 4th anniversary with the most wonderful husband in the world and watch the World Series tonight, but first…


This week I heard the following, which I believe are left over from the election:
1. “Ruth hates centers” – Hmmm, ZMA 3/91-10/00. No, I am pretty sure I like centers. I sure liked being a controller there and I look forward to going back after my executive service to NATCA comes to an end.
2. “She said all of the liaisons can pack up and go home and we will handle everything traditionally.” -- Whoa, now there is a good one! Not only do I have first hand knowledge of the valuable contributions our liaisons and tech reps make to the members of NATCA, they are a priceless (and nearly free) asset to the leadership. They can get much deeper into the projects than anyone juggling all of the work here at the N.O. Traditional just forces the agency to backpedal at the point of implementation wasting money that could go to other things our members want. The only way we can ensure that controllers get the best possible products in the end is to be there in the beginning. Most members will never see the work the liaisons and tech reps do, but the will benefit from the outcome.

Here is a tip, if it doesn’t ring true, it probably isn’t. If you wonder what my position is, ask me. I will always have time to share my views with the members of this union. If you hear a rumor you want to know more about, please e-mail me. I might miss a post here and there, but an e-mail will get to me. If you want me to post the answer on NACTA net, just let me know.

Okay, my husband is getting restless and I am turning the cell phone off for the night. (It is just one night a year).

Ruth <!----End Text Field **************>

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