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Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow ****************> September 29, 2000 <!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>

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Dear Friends,

The only thing between me and my weekend is this update, so let's get to it, shall we?

Monday was pretty typical. I met with our General Counsel on an election protest, and met with the Deputy General Counsel on the C90 situation. Good thing we have both of them, by the way. I met with Communications, and ordered a boatload of commercials for use in the facilities. We also discussed natca.org and natca.net, and some of the things we can do to raise our visibility and profile.

I talked to the National Consolidation Rep on Boston and SunCoast, then touched base with Pat Forrey on C90. The afternoon was consumed by the NEB telcon and a luncheon with the airline dispatchers, affiliated with the TWU. Believe it or not they have issues with us, and I agreed to speak at their Convention just outside of DC in October.

Tuesday was the weekly Directors Meeting. I won't bore you with the details, but I will tell you that we are moving the organization forward every time we meet, and we are helping each other out in the process. We have a lot of ground to cover, both as a leadership team and an employer. Do we need a dress code for the National Office? Who gets keys? Should we move the copy machines out of the Membership Department's cramped space? What about parking? Ahhhh...seniority. Yesterday I couldn't spell manager...now I are one.

I met with the STARS team, John Seay and Keith Harrison, to discuss some issues around equipment for St. Louis. I also did a touch-and-go through a meeting being held to discuss the Potomac Project. Good stuff. Oops. Skipped lunch.

Met with Jim Beadling from the Article 55 Work Group. These folks are doing some good work, and I hope they can shift some of their focus towards my decriminalization initiative. I know they've endorsed the need to nap on the mids, so they can't be too bad!!!

I also met with Karl Grundmann from NASA. We've been somewhat remiss in stepping into the NASA R & D arena, and I hope to change that. Karl and I will continue our discussions on how we can maximize controller input on the front end of these forward-looking projects.

Somewhere in there Tuesday I also consulted with Susan and Ray on C90, Greg on the Facrep Mailing (which we will reinstitute), Dale Wright on financials, Jeff on retroactivity pay issues, and left messages for Vince Polk and Randy Weiland. No wonder I didn't eat!!

Wednesday morning I met with Monte over at FAA. We discussed retro pay, Andrews CIP, the 15,000 controllers nationwide number, and a sense of the relationship to come. All in all a very good meeting. From there it was back to the National Office for my Monthly All Hands Meeting. We bought lunch for the troops and gave them the update on issues we're working, as well as some workplace guidelines that I'd like to see everyone adhere to. I think all in all we had a fantastic meeting and got alot of internal stuff accomplished, including phone line issues, recycling, weekend parking, copy and fax machine needs, etc.

The afternoon was one of my more productive ones, not in terms of how much stuff I could pack in but in terms of the substance. I met with Lew Zietz from Membership. I gave him my campaign platform on benefits and said, "Go do all this." He enthusiastically accepted the challenge, and also had a rabbit or two to pull out of his hat. I don't want to spoil any surprises so I will just tell you that we're incredibly fortunate to have Lew's drive and energy working for us down there. His staff is psyched, fired up, and the air is moving a little quicker around here. I'm digging that.

For dinner I met with the FAA's attorney and lead contract negotiator. Over steaks at Fran O'Brien's we came to agreement on the pay package for the Engineers, putting that contract to bed. (It's a big deal...millions of dollars. It doesn't look nearly as important typed out in this update as it's going to be to these families.)

They've been waiting on the pay piece since April, and I was only too happy to close the deal for them. Mike McNally started it, of course, and deserves credit for his work on the project.

I spent the ride home on the cell phone briefing Bob Taylor and Barry Krasner, then did e-mail and worked on my testimony until about 1 am. Whew!

Thursday got off on the wrong foot when I couldn't find my cell phone as my Metro train pulled into the District at 630am. I hopped off, got on an outbound, went back to my car, and found it there. Back on, back downtown, and it was 745 before I was in the office.

I met with Bob Stone and Craig, the new Facrep and VP out at the Command Center for an hour. These guys are so green they look like the contract, so if you have an opportunity to help them out or offer a hand, by all means take the time to do so. They had many good questions, and I gave them a tour of the joint to get them started. Last I saw they were down in Labor Relations, so they must know SOMETHING!

Did I forget to mention that yesterday evening before dinner Ken and Christine again helped me prepare for my testimony? If I did, I'm sorry...they did. I went over to the Rayburn about 10am today, and stayed there until my testimony at 230pm.

I was on the last panel with the guy from FMA. What a worthless piece of crap testimony they gave. According to the Federal Manager's Association's testimony, delays, errors, incursions, and the price of Firestone Tires are all up because....Jane gave all the money to the controllers and forced a 10 to 1 ratio on FMA. What a bunch of punks. If you know anyone in FMA, tell them to have more integrity than your average picket fence and quit that bush-league organization and join a winning team for a change. Give them an associate membership application.

Friday, now, and I'm ready for a break. I opened with a phone interview with Judy Colletta with the FAA delay task force. We did an hour, could have gone three, but I had to punt her to do other things. Talked to the FAA attorney, faxed deals back and forth, gathered Bob and Dave and Randy and finally sealed it with a signature for the Engineers and Architects. Talked to Trooper Dye again, trying to find clarity on this Consolidation piece. The NEB's going to have to weigh in.

Had a drive-by meeting with Jim Gordon, Wade Stanfield, Dale Wright, Jeff Sparrow, and Dave Sandbach to go over some Article 48 vs. 7 responsibilities. I got a great deal of good information from them. From there it was over to FAA to meet with Ron Morgan, and I passed each of the NEB members an update on those issues. Some of the highlights include Barry Krasner finishing TMC coverage under the green book (which should take a day), Med. DQ's, Andrews CIP, and some other interesting tidbits.

I returned to the national office to catch up on the crush of mail and email and phone calls. The calls!!! I'm surprised I'm not hoarse. Jerry, Charles, Steve, Dan, Rick, Mark, Alan, Andy, Wade, Veronica, Mark, Chris, Rodney, Ken, and all the rest of ya...thanks for patiently waiting for me to get to you. I haven't missed returning one yet. Speaking of Veronica, just got done giving her and her new hubby a tour of the new National Office. For those of you who haven't been, please stop by and see us some time.

I think I'll go grab my bride, drive seven hours, and roast some weenies in the parking lot before the Browns thrash the Ravens Sunday morning. Wherever you are I hope you are healthy, happy and thoroughly enjoying what you're doing. I know I am.

Best wishes,

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