Tim Kane
June 29, 2000

LAKE IN THE HILLS -- Putting more hangars north of the runway at the Lake in the Hills Airport was part of Tuesday night's discussions by an airport subcommittee of the Lake in the Hills Village Board.

The panel is looking at rezoning a former gravel pit north of the airport. The area is now zoned for manufacturing. Officials want the zoning to allow for more hangars and the types of business that could serve airport clientele, such as hotels and car rental firms.

Trustee Bob Spooner, chairman of the subcommittee, said Chicago-based Material Service Corp., which owns the property, has told the village that a company is interested in buying land at the southwest corner of Rakow and Pyott Roads.

Spooner suggested that the heavily traveled area would be a commercial plum and that the village should ensure the zoning there be such that only aviation and airport-related businesses could occupy land adjacent to the runway.

"The businesses around the airport ought to help the business of the airport," said panel member Robert Klaas.

Part of a $1.3 million grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation will be used to make a final balloon payment of $840,000 owed to Material Service for the existing 27-acre airport.

The village will own the airport outright in four or five months, Spooner said.

Some of the grant will be used to buy land adjacent to the airport for a runway-widening project