O'Hare runway rule change considered

April 27, 2000


Controversial landing procedures might be expanded at O'Hare Airport this spring, requiring jets to land on runways and hold short of intersecting runways where other aircraft are taking off.

The "land-and-hold-short" rules allow two runways that intersect to be used at the same time, one for landings and the other for takeoffs.

The rules can reduce delays, but have been curtailed during the past year because of safety concerns raised by some pilots.

Officials want to study what happens when a pilot intending to make a land-and-hold-short landing has to abort. If such a landing were aborted, the plane could be in the same area as a plane that is taking off on the intersecting runway.

There also have been near misses because of planes that failed to stop before crossing the other runway.

These landings have been made at O'Hare for 30 years in one form or another. Last year the FAA limited them to domestic flights landing in dry weather.

They may be reinstituted for international flights and general aviation, and allowed in the rain, under a Federal Aviation Administration order that would take effect May 27, officials said Wednesday.

The FAA's new regulation will be the subject of a talk Friday between the air traffic controllers' union and officials with the airport, the FAA and pilots' unions.