December 16, 2000

Chicago Sun-Times

Readers Sound Off on FAA

Saturday, December 16, 2000

IT DOES NOT APPEAR TO ME administrative changes in the Federal Aviation Administration, creating a separate air traffic control organization, will solve much of anything.

Bill Clinton, where have you been the last five years while all these problems were developing? It seems to me you've been flying from country to country in Air Force One trying to solve their problems and ignoring this one. Flight delays, cancellation, overselling of capacity, too few airports, time schedules and weather conditions are not going to be solved in someone's office in Washington. A sufficient number of aircraft, proper maintenance, loading and unloading of passengers, luggage handling and flight personnel problems are the airport facility management and airlines' responsibility. We simply do not have enough airports, airplanes, loading and unloading facilities and flight schedules to meet customer demand. The airlines want to keep their overhead and maintenance and flight personnel to a minimum to provide a desired profit. Overselling of capacity ensures full passenger loads and public relation techniques are used to smooth the displaced customer. This does not solve a problem. Stacking the planes on the runway keeps a good record of on-time departures and delays in unloading seem always to be explained away. At least the trip is over and your safe and sound on the ground. Whatever solution this new air traffic organization comes up with, you can bet one thing for sure it will cost both the consumer and taxpayer more whether you fly or not.

Ken Messenger
New Lenox

THEY SAID THAT AT LEAST MUSSOLINI made the trains run on time. What good is it if our planes are flying on a tighter, more organized schedule when our country is divided and our Constitution is being thrown out the window. I'll be glad when this man is out of office, but it looks like Gore, following Clinton's teachings and stepping on the rule of law and doing what is best for him and not the country, will be in office to further desecrate and eventually rewrite our Constitution entirely.

Guy Marzano