May 23, 2001

To the Daily Herald editor,

We read with great interst your recent article entitled " O'Hare Controllers Join Chorus For Runways". In the article, Joseph Karaganis, attorney for the Suburban Noise Coalition, was quoted as saying " The controllers are tied politically to Chicago. They basically say what Chicago wants them to". Mr Karaganis" comments could not be further from the truth. As the elected representatives of FAA controllers assigned to O'Hare Tower and the Approach Control facility in Elgin we can say unequivocally that we are not politically tied to Chicago, the FAA, or any other organization other than our own. Our primary responsibility and concern is the safety of the flying public. It is our belief that new runways at O'Hare will allow us to provide safer,better service to the flying public. Mr. Karaganis' comments that we " basically say what Chicago wants us to " is a blatant misrepresentation for which he has no basis. His attempt to politicize our position with such reckless comments is a disservice to the flying public as well as our organization.


Craig Burzych
National Air Traffic Controllers Assn.
O'Hare Tower

Raymond Gibbons
National Air Traffic Controller's Assn.
Chicago O'hare Tracon