Thursday December 28, 11:53 am Eastern Time

United To Halt Nonstop to Hawaii

CHICAGO (AP) -- United Airlines plans to halt its daily nonstop flights between Chicago and Honolulu as of Feb. 15 -- bringing an end to a service it has offered since 1969.

United spokesman Joe Hopkins said the loss of the Chicago-Honolulu route is tied to the retirement of the last three aging DC-10s in United's 600-plus fleet of planes.

United's decision to drop nonstop Chicago-Hawaii service is not popular with the pilots union.

``We always viewed that service as one of the mainstays of our operations, something we took a great deal of pride in,'' said pilot Herb Hunter, a spokesman for the Airline Pilots Association at United.

United passengers traveling between Chicago and Hawaii soon will have to stop in Los Angeles or San Francisco or change planes, adding two to three hours to what had been a 9 1/2 hour flight.

Both American Airlines and American Trans Air plan to continue nonstops between Hawaii and Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.