ComView Announces Installation of World's Largest Air Traffic Control Simulator for German Air Force

RA'ANANA, Israel, Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- ComView Visual Systems, a leading developer of large-scale multi-media display technology, today announced the completion of its installation of the world's largest Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulator in the German Air Force's new training center in Bavaria, Germany. ComView was contracted to provide the system by Evans & Sutherland Computer, GmbH, which built the training center.

The center is designed to teach military air traffic control trainees aspects of flight control systems and simulate complex scenarios. High-resolution displays are required to accurately depict flight simulations and enable trainees to make critical judgements.

ComView's sophisticated display technology was employed to integrate the Evans & Sutherland simulator with one of the largest display systems ever designed for an ATC training application. The displayed image that surrounds the air traffic control tower is 3.8 meters high with a cylindrical circumference of 40 meters. 32 projectors (positioned in a 2 by 16 configuration) are positioned to create a single, perfect, 152 square meters, and 360 (horizontal) x 45 (vertical) -degree image. Thirty-two image generator channels, which originate from Evans & Sutherland equipment, are combined using ComView's PerfectPixels(TM) technology into a distortion-free and uniform interactive image.

Roland Bals, program manager and new business development for Evans & Sutherland, commented that ComView's algorithms take into account the operator's exact position in the tower, so that even minor inaccuracies that result from screen curvature are eliminated. According to Mr. Bals, this makes the resulting image accurate enough to take reliable 3D orientation measurements and allows an aircraft as far as 10 nautical miles from the tower to be seen virtually on the screen.

``We at ComView are particularly pleased with the success of the simulator,'' said Amir Rosenthal, ComView's CEO. ``For this specific application, ComView upgrades used off-the-shelf LCD projectors with ComView's proprietary PerfectPixels(TM) technology to provide a crisp and distortion-free image. As in all our projects, our proprietary electronics ensure digital control and data flow to the projectors and our sophisticated software and hardware tools deal with colour and intensity variations between the various projectors, in order to assure a high-fidelity immersion effect. This project is another testimonial to our superior technology and high definition visual systems, especially in large projection areas with stringent image quality demands.''

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SOURCE: ComView Visual Systems Ltd.