Midwest Aviation Coalition's Chairman Urge Chicago Business Leaders to Support The O'Hare World Gateway Project

CHICAGO, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Failure to approve the O'Hare World Gateway Project will cause Chicago to fall behind other major cities economically and undermine the viability of businesses and industry in the region, the Chairman of the Midwest Aviation Coalition warned today.

``The Chicagoland area must support the proposed O'Hare World Gateway Project in order for Chicago to stay competitive with cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and Washington. It is the major economic engine that keeps Illinois going'', said Ron Gidwitz, Chairman of the Midwest Aviation Coalition.

The O'Hare World Gateway Project promises to reap benefits like, greater passenger convenience, fewer delays and fewer planes held on ground, reduced nighttime flights and enhanced opportunity for competition. The FAA will accept written letters from organizations in the Chicagoland area that support the proposed project until Friday, October 20 close of business.

Gidwitz represents the voice of over 700 Midwest Aviation Coalition (MAC) members that support the proposed O'Hare World Gateway Project and urge other Chicagoland business leaders to send their letters of support as well.

``Many businesses in the Chicagoland area and nationally rely on O'Hare's viability. Being an International hub, it is vital that O'Hare remain on the forefront of airport capacity, environment and technology issues that affect the Illinois region's economy. There is also a need to keep O'Hare competitive due to the alliances formed by domestic and international carriers resulting to a demand for seamless service for the domestic and international traveler'' Gidwitz said.

``The current aviation demand can expect to see a 4.5% annual international passenger growth annually and in order for O'Hare International Airport handle the capacity updating the airports structures are essential'' said Jerry Roper, President and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and MAC President.

Letters of support can be sent to the City of Chicago Department of Aviation, Chicago International Airport, PO Box 66142, Chicago, IL 60666, Attention: Carol Wilinski.