American Eagle Will Launch Regional Jet Service Between Charlotte, N.C., And Chicago O'Hare in June

CHICAGO, March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- American Eagle, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, will begin regional jet service between Charlotte, N.C., and Chicago O'Hare International Airport on June 15. The airline will offer five daily round trips with 50-seat Embraer regional jets.

``We have long wanted to fly between these two cities,'' said Tom Bacon, American Eagle's senior vice president for marketing and planning. ``Now we have the aircraft to make this dream a reality.

``The new service will provide customers the opportunity to make easy and convenient connections at American's second largest hub,'' Bacon added. ``And, Charlotte travelers will be able to enjoy the comfort and convenience of the newly renovated Concourse G, which was finished in January and now features an Admirals Club.''

American Eagle has been a pioneer in covered boarding for regional aircraft, especially at O'Hare, where it uses jetbridges to board and deplane all of its flights.

American Eagle recently launched regional jet service between O'Hare and both Greensboro, N.C., Richmond and Norfolk, Va. From O'Hare -- American's ``Gateway to the World'' -- American and American Eagle offer more than 500 daily departures to more than 100 destinations, including eight countries in Europe and to Japan.

American Eagle's regional jets are powered by two Rolls-Royce engines. They are among the quietest airplanes in the world and can cruise up to 519 miles per hour at 37,000 feet. ERJ-145 seats 50 passengers.

With a fleet of more than 260 jet and turboprop aircraft, American Eagle operates more than 1,700 daily flights to more than 130 cities throughout the United States, Canada, The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Members of American's AADVANTAGE frequent traveler program earn a minimum of 500 miles for every American Eagle flight.

         Here is the schedule effective June 15:
      From Chicago O'Hare to Charlotte      From Charlotte to Chicago O'Hare
    Flight Depart     Arrive    Aircraft  Flight  Depart     Arrive   Aircraft
    4398  6:15 a.m.  8:55 a.m.  ERJ-145    4411  6:35 a.m.  7:45 a.m.  ERJ-145
    4306  8:20 p.m. 11:00 a.m.  ERJ-145    4399  9:33 a.m. 10:43 a.m.  ERJ-145
    4324  1:20 p.m.  4:00 p.m.  ERJ-145    4307 11:39 a.m. 12:42 p.m.  ERJ-145
    4380  5:40 p.m.  8:25 p.m.  ERJ-145    4325  4:40 p.m.  5:42 p.m.  ERJ-145
    4412  7:50 p.m. 10:35 p.m.  ERJ-145    4381  9:03 p.m. 10:02 p.m.  ERJ-145