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Indigo Operations Receive DOT Certification, Frequent Flights Expected to Launch in Late August

A New Category of Business Air Travel

CHICAGO--(Business Wire)--Aug. 14, 2000--Indigo, a new category of business air travel -- the on-schedule corporate jet -- has received U.S. Department of Transportation air carrier certification through its sister operating company, AirServ, to begin regular and frequent service between Chicago and New York and other city pairs. The DOT action represents the first instance of a business jet operator receiving a Federal certificate of public convenience and necessity.

``This certification represents a major milestone for Indigo, our partners and our customers, who can now enjoy the benefits of regular business jet service as their primary means of air travel through a high-utilization format that allows for per-seat affordable pricing. Having complete control over and regulatory authority for the lift function is central to supplying customers with a legitimate, reliable and ubiquitous business jet service. The flight component cannot be outsourced nor can internet aggregation or brokerage substitute for the primary product,'' said Matthew G. Andersson, chairman and chief executive officer of Indigo.

The new DOT authority allows Indigo to offer regular service between city pairs. By being able to provide frequent daily service, Indigo can increase the utilization of its planes to provide prices competitive with full-fare coach tickets.

Indigo's customers have requested business jet service weekdays between Chicago and New York. The service will begin with three, executive configured, eight-seat Dassault Falcon 20 jets. It currently is operating corporate charter flights through AirServ under FAA authority held since January.

In Chicago, Indigo will operate from Midway Airport's corporate aviation facilities. In New York, it plans to serve several New York metropolitan airports. Additional cities Indigo will soon fly to include Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

Through its exclusive relationship with American Express, Indigo will be accepting American Express Cards and the service will be marketed to American Express Cardmembers.

In addition, travelers will be able to book their seats on Indigo through the American Express Travel network as well as through other travel agencies. American Express Cardmembers will be able to book at the Indigo web site,, or by calling 1-877-446-3446.

About Indigo

Indigo is a revolutionary concept in business air travel - a personal mobility corporate jet service on which travelers can purchase individual seats in a broad distribution format at affordable pricing. Indigo is able to provide extraordinarily comfortable but cost-competitive business air travel that combines the best of both commercial and corporate aviation. From commercial aviation, Indigo brings the benefit of frequent and regular service. From corporate aviation, Indigo brings convenience, comfort and customization to the air travel experience. Founded in 1999, Indigo is a high-growth, new model aviation and technology company and an operating arm of NewWorldAir Holdings, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Chicago. American Express Co. is a minority investor in and joint marketing partner with Indigo. Boston Coach, a leading provider of executive and limousine services, is an operating partner that provides seamless ground transportation for Indigo flights. Indigo has opened an informational web site at

NOTE: Indigo is authorized to do business as a public charter operator by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and operates under Part 380 of the DOT regulations. Its sister company, AirServ, is a DOT and FAA certified air carrier and operates aircraft on Indigo's behalf.