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We are looking for pictures of air traffic control. If you have a picture or pictures you'd like to share with the world, would you please send them to us here atpictoral@thetracon.com for inclusion in a future feature of this site.

FAA wastes time and money on report

 ABC News 7 at 6 150 kbs wmv
 ABC News 7 at 6 48 kbs wmv

Ever see and hear a controller in action? How about during a life threatening emergency? We have a Lotus ScreenCam of an in-flight emergency in Chicago. Download the file here Egf230.zip (11.4MB)

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Factoid of the year: The Federal Aviation Administration handles more aircraft operations, more passengers, safer, has fewer delays, with fewer air traffic controllers and for fewer dollars then the rest of the world combined! Others claim to be among the best, but only the FAA can claim to be the best in the world.

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