St. Peter And The Scab

St. Peter stood guard at the Golden Gate With solemn refine and air sedate, When up to the top to the golden stair A shrouded figure ascended there, Applied for admission, he came and stood Before St. Peter, so great and good, In hope of the city of peace a place to win, And ask St. Peter to let him in.

"O' thou who guardest the gate," said he "I have come hither beseeching thee To let me enter the Heavenly land And play a harp in the angel band. Of me, St. Peter, there is no doubt, that there's nothing from heaven to bar me out. I've been to meeting three times a week And almost always I'd rise and speak."

"I've told my neighbors, I've told them all Of Adam and Eve and the primal fall; I've talked to them loud; I've talked to them long, For my lungs were good and my voice was strong I've marked their path of duty clear. And marked out the plan of their whole career."

Good St. Peter, you'll clearly see That the gate of heaven is open for me! Here's a company's letter of recommend Which I hope you'll read before you send. For me it might gain a higher place You'll find I was always content to live On whatever the company cared to give."

"And I ought to get a large reward For never owning a union card, I've never grumbled, I've never struck, I've never mixed with the union truck. But I must be going my way to win So open, St. Peter, and let me in."

St. Peter sat and stroked his staff, Despite his high office he had to laugh. Said he, with a fiery gleam in his eye, "Who is tending this gate sir, you or I? I've heard of you and your gift of gab: You are what's known on earth as a scab."

He pressed a button upon the wall. And saying to the imp who answered the bell, "Escort this fellow down to hell. Tell Satan to give him a seat alone On a red hot griddle up near the throne."

But stay! E'en the devil couldn't stand the smell Of a cooking scab on a griddle in hell. It would cause a strike, a revolt, I know, If I sent him down below. Go back to your masters on earth and tell

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