Members in Need

I would like to bring to your attention some members that due to circumstances beyond their control, need your assistance. Please take a moment to help a fellow NATCA member. Leave donation forms are available from your Facrep, or Supervisor.

New Additions

Edward L. Dewar, ORF Norfolk Tower, Virginia, Eastern Region. Ed Dewar is a Charter Member of NATCA and a former Farep of Norfolk Local. Ed was a member at Grand Rapids prior to Norfolk. Ed is suffering from a back injury that has left him unable to work, and he had surgery on November 30th. Ed has been unable to work for some time, and has exhausted all annual and sick leave available to him. He is now in a LWOP status. Ed is now eligible for the leave donation program.

Derik Snow---Newark ATCT, New Jersey, Eastern Region. Derik Snow of EWR Tower and his family experienced a personal tragedy. Their home was almost totally lost to a fire, and their son Daniel received second and third degree burns over portions of his body. He has been admitted to St. Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, NJ, and is currently in stable condition. The Snow family is now recovering and trying to rebuild their lives as best they can. Unfortunately they did not have insurance on the contents of their home, and they were renting. NATCA EWR is soliciting donations to help the Snow family in this time of need.

Donations can be made out to:

Derik Snow
FAA Control Tower
Newark Int'l Airport
Newark, N.J. 07114

On behalf of the entire Snow family, Thank you very much for your generosity and have a happy holiday season.

If you need further information, call Ray Maldonado Facility Rep at Newark Tower at 201-645-1103

Daniel Enright---Binghamton ATCT, New York, Eastern Region. Former Binghamton Facility Representative Daniel Enright's wife Lisa, was diagnosed with acute leukemia in March, 1995. Lisa has been undergoing extensive chemotherapy. Dan has been using his leave to care for her and his four sons. Lisa was doing well and in remission until a short time ago. The leukemia is back and she must now receive a bone marrow transplant and extensive treatment in Boston. Dan's high leave balances have been decimated supporting Lisa's treatments and he is in need of your assistance.

I urge you on Dan's behalf, to find it in your heart to donate annual leave to the Enrights.

Since Dan is a former Facility Rep, I am asking all representatives to make an eight hour donation to show our support and unity to ensure that a paycheck is not a worry to Dan and his family.

Donald Oliveira, Binghamton Facility Representative. I may be reached at 607-729-6145/46 for forms or details.

Continued Support Needed

Levi Christopher, PNE North Philadelphia Tower, Pennsylvania, Eastern Region. Due to an illness, Levi has been hospitalized. Levi is approved for the leave donation program.

Diane Earhart, CPS St. Louis Downtown, Illinois Great Lakes Region. Diane has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, has already exhausted all of her accumulated leave. Diane is estimated to be off for another 6 weeks. Diane is approved for the leave donation program. Diane is still the President of the CPS Local

Sam Tew, BUF Buffalo, New York, Eastern Region. Sam's wife Denise has been fighting cancer for over a year. Sam has exhausted all of his leave while caring for Denise. Sam is forced to work mostly mid-shifts so he can care for Denise. Sam is approved for the leave donation program.

Willie Shields, EWR Newark, New Jersey, Eastern Region. Willie was the President of Newark tower till the FAA fired him. Willie has lost two appeals, and is awaiting the results of his final appeal. A member from Atlanta Center has begun to send $10.00 per pay period to Willie. He challenges us all to match him. Please do what you can to help Willie, NATCA must take care of it's own.

Willie has been reelected as the President of the EWR Local, his appeal is still pending. Send donations to:

Willie Shields
315 First Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19804

Thank you for helping. If you know of someone who should be included please contact the editor. Information included is what was available as of the deadline for publication. Corrections / Additions if necessary will be included in the next issue.

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