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Weekly Update for <!----Enter Date Bellow ****************>January 26, 2001<!----End Enter Date Bellow *************>
Another Friday has come and I am on my way back from the NEB meeting in LAS. Ironically, I have plenty of time on the flight and seven hours of battery power on the laptop, but this will probably be my shortest update.

Saturday night, Alan Clendenin and I attended the Florida Inaugural dinner, where we had a chance to talk to several member of congress and both Florida Senators. I also had the chance to show Alan a design for a NATCA in Washington logo that Bryan Thompson developed. It is a great logo and Bryan can take special orders after lobby week through the Voice shop.

I left for LAS on Sunday morning. I arrived to be greeted by the NWP RVP and the LAS fac rep who took me on a tour of the tower and Tracon. My apologies to North Las Vegas for not getting a chance to visit the facility on this trip, I will be out again in March. After a fairly uneventful day of travel, I checked into the Golden Nugget. Greg Llafet chose that hotel after NY, NY offered to renew our contract at nearly triple the rate. I found the Golden Nugget to be much nicer than NY, NY. The service was great and the meeting rooms were perfect for us. This is the first time I have stayed downtown and I am sold. Freemont street is closed to traffic and covered with an arch that is several blocks long and has light shows every hour at night. You can walk to a dozen or so casinos and I had no trouble finding controllers everywhere I went.

Sunday evening I attended the reception for arriving controllers going to the NATCA leadership training (aka Fac Rep class). The new VP and Area 3 rep from my local were there, it is always good to see them. I also got a chance to talk with many of our activists, learned about the saga of the sinking Denver Tracon, the misapplication of the new OE/OD MOU (in a week managers have already figured out how to ignore the new agreement), and the problems experienced around the country with IPPís.

Monday morning, I started at 6 am, since it was already 9 in DC, but it gave me a chance to get some work done before I went to observe the training. Every chair was full and people were ready to dive into the books. Meanwhile the RVPís started to arrive for the NEB meeting, which would start the next morning. Rodney Turner and I had time to talk about a few issues, John and I were able to steal away a few minutes to talk about some odds and ends and Greg Llafet, fond me at the lunch break to say that the sales office would comp a suite upgrade if I wanted to change rooms. He didnít have to ask me twice.

I finished typing responses to two internal grievances so I would have them for the board meeting and made copies. There were a dozen or so messages at the office and most of them could be dealt with by phone, so I turned my suite into NATCA west. The only think I missed is that I was not able to access my natcadc e-mail. My husband arrived from Miami all dolled up in his fam suit and we met a few controllers from the class and went to dinner.

The NEB meeting ran from 9 to 5 except for the days we started early or ended late, but we got through a tremendous amount of business. In addition to the board meeting I spent the week filling up my schedule for next week, and talking on the phone. I am certain my inbox will be bursting at the seams when I get back in the office.

I talked to two very strong candidates for NATCAís policy director position and scheduled time next week for John and I to interview them. I also had time to talk to Jim Washington about the progress on the Oceanic modernization contract. The sooner the FAA awards the contract, the sooner we will be able to work with the contractor to keep the appropriations committee from recommending contracting it out.

The Board meeting took up most of my time, but it was good to get a chance to socialize with controllers in the evenings. Next week is jammed packed, so I guess I will keep this update short so you wonít mind how long the next one is.

In Solidarity,


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