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TRACON: When technology goes too far . . . TRACON
Two jetliners. A computer gone awry. Fasten your seat belt for a riveting ride. In this authentic, revealing portrait of the unseen world of air traffic control, Paul McElroy takes you behind the scenes at the legendary O'Hare International Airport in Chicago and on a terrifying journey aboard two jetliners that collide when a computer malfunctions.
Radar Contact Lost Radar Contact Lost
Royce Lemmington, a greedy and ruthless corporate giant, throws the lovely Caribbean island of San Miguel into turmoil. Stewart Pryce, an Air Traffic Controller with a troubled past, is drawn into the conflict by the crash of a jetliner on the island a crash blamed on a fellow controller. Together with Yasmin Esteban, a quick-witted local reporter, Pryce uncovers the terrible fate Lemmington has planed for the island a discovery that places them both in Lemmington’s deadly sights.
Blackout by John J. Nance Blackout
The master of the airplane thriller and bestselling author of Pandora's Clock is back in his most harrowing adventure ever.
As his new thriller Blackout begins, a Boeing 747-400 rises through a beautiful Hong Kong sunset on its way to Los Angeles. But within minutes, the plane is rocked by an explosion outside the cockpit that leaves one pilot dead and another blinded. The huge jet shudders through its descent while hundreds of passengers hold on for their lives.
Final Approach by John J. Nance Final Approaach
SABOTAGE....ACCIDENT....OR MURDER BY OMISSION? The airline told passengers flying to Kansas City the skies were safe. They lied. On a rain-slashed night, Flight 255 crashes at Kansas City Airport -- triggering one of the most horrifying aviation disasters of the decade. Put simply, it never should have happened. Safety Board investigator Joe Wallingford races to find out why it did.
Airframe by Michael Crichton Airframe by Michael Crichton
How did Michael Crichton know--before ValuJet, before TWA Flight 800--that airline safety would be a hot topic at the end of 1996? But there's more than an amazing instinct for popular taste at work in his latest thriller--destined to be read by hundreds of thousands of those very same airplane passengers it was designed to scare the seatbelts off. Enroute from Hong Kong to Denver, a brand new plane pitches and dives like a porpoise before crashing. The airline's officer in charge of quality assurance--a sharp-eyed, hard-nosed woman named Casey Singleton--has to find out why, before more passengers and the airline's future go into a tailspin. As always in Crichton's expert hands, readers learn a lot about science while lapping up their thrills
"Silent Skies-- The Air Traffic Controllers' Strike"
The fascinating story of power and the abuses of power that led to the demise of a major federal union and the firing of over 11,000 federal employees is chronicled here. The Professional Air Traffic Controller's Organization(PATCO) misjudged the political sentiment of the nation, the willingness of the Reagan Administration to implement its social and economic agenda, and the ability of the union to achieve its goals through work stoppages.
Berlin in the Balance, 1945-1949 : The Blockade, the Airlift, the First Major Battle of the Cold War Berlin in the Balance, 1945-1949 : The Blockade, the Airlift, the First Major Battle of the Cold War
"Parrish vividly describes the beginnings of the Berlin airlift when even many of the U.S. Air Force generals were not convinced that it could be done. Here the book reads like a thriller as he details the incredible skills and courage of the pilots and the equally incredible organization and ground support required to make it work....Parrish writes with authority and well-researched knowledge. He covers the many facets of national and international politics and global intrigue of one of the most difficult periods ever to have faced this country. At that time our leaders were given little credit for their often visionary decisions while coping with the enormous challenges facing them. Anyone wishing to understand the forces that continue to shape our destiny would benefit from reading Berlin in the Balance, 1945-1949."
City Under Siege : The Berlin Blockade and Airlift, 1948-1949 City Under Siege: The Berlin Blockade and Airlift, 1948-1949
At the close of World War II, the Soviet Union controlled all of eastern Germany except the Allied sectors of Berlin. In June 1948, Soviet authorities halted all rail traffic between the city and the outside world, effectively dooming the inhabitants of the Western sectors to starvation. American and British air forces immediately began a massive supply airlift. Flying 276,926 dangerous missions and bringing in 2.3 million tons of food and coal, the Berlin Airlift cost the lives of 75 U.S.and British airmen but saved the besieged enclave. Michael Haydock tells the human story of a spectacular aviation and logistical accomplishment that has had lasting geopolitical significance.
Berlin Airlift Berlin Airlift
Flight to the Future : Human Factors in Air Traffic Control Flight to the Future : Human Factors in Air Traffic Control
A panel report commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration providing recommendations and analyses of the human factors characteristic of the current air traffic control system. The volume represents the first phase of the project concentrating on the current system and its development, describing baseline operations, tasks in air traffic control, assessment and training, airway facilities, and automation issues related to cognitive tasks, workload, communications, systems management, research strategies, and system development
The Future of Air Traffic Control : Human Operators and Automation The Future of Air Traffic Control : Human Operators and Automation
Following its 1997 on air traffic automation, the Panel on Human Factors in Air Traffic Control Automation focuses here on the interaction between air traffic controllers and pilots in the context of a growing network of automated function in the air system. It recommends developing human-centered automation and addresses key areas such as matching levels of automation to levels of risk, procedures for recovering from emergencies, and free flight versus ground-based authority. Includes eight color plates. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR
Commercial Aviation Safety Commercial Aviation Safety
A text/reference providing analysis of aviation safety policies and programs as they have developed since the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. Covers structural and operational changes, safety, data measurement and analysis techniques, accident rates, accident investigation methods, recent aircraft and traffic control technologies. Includes review questions. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Black Box : The Air-Crash Detectives-Why Air Safety Is No Accident Black Box : The Air-Crash Detectives-Why Air Safety Is No Accident
The Black Box : All-New Cockpit Voice Recorder Accounts of In-Flight Accidents
The Black Box : All-New Cockpit Voice Recorder Accounts of In-Flight Accidents
Without any doubt, this is the last book to take with you on holiday, especially if you are flying. I made the mistake of reading my copy on a trip to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, a titanium-clad space-ship that seems to have crash-landed out of the sun, and on the return flight suddenly heard myself asking the stewardess where the escape chutes were stored.
Fatal Words : Communication Clashes and Aircraft Crashes Fatal Words : Communication Clashes and Aircraft Crashes
Examines how ambiguities in language and other causes of miscommunication between pilots and air traffic controllers have led to dozens of aircraft disasters, and recommends immediate, short-term, and long-term solutions to preventing them. Indexed by problematic phrase as well as subject. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Air Disaster (Vol. 3) Air Disaster, Volume 3
Continues the now well known theme of Volumes 1 and 2 of this series, examining the way hitherto unsuspected hazards in the worlds airways system have been revealed through occasional tragic, but salutary experiences. This volume covers a further number of such accidents, all of them occurring since the late eighties.
Air Accident Investigation : How Science Is Making Flying Safer Air Accident Investigation : How Science Is Making Flying Safer
From the earliest days of civil aviation to incidents of the jet age (such as TWO Flight 800 depicted on the cover), this book examines the different factors that cause aviation accidents and describes some notable incidents that still puzzle investigators. Explained is the painstaking work involved in reconstructing the sequence of events that bring about disaster, and what sorts of clues shed light on those events. The present state of the rapidly changing aviation industry is discussed, as are the challenges that lie ahead. Fully illustrated with photographs and line drawings.
Aftermath by Editors of Flying Magazine Aftermath
by Editors of Flying Magazine

Drawn from one of FLYING magazine's most popular features of the past 30 years, AFTERMATH brings you the riveting stories of real aviation accidents, examining what happened and what lessons can be learned. This dramatic, true-life account of terror in the skies is sure to entertain, frighten, and inform--and most certainly save lives.
Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports
Covering commercial, general, and military aviation in the United States, this work surveys 18 specific aircraft accidents, summarizing the investigation and findings of the various investigative bodies charged with discovering what went wrong. The majority of the chapters discuss major carrier accidents and provide information on flight background, investigations and findings, National Transportation Safety Board recommendations, and subsequent industry action.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR
Military Aviation Disasters : Significant Losses Since 1908 Military Aviation Disasters : Significant Losses Since 1908
Every year, a number of military aircraft ranging from single-seat fighters to fully laden cargo planes are lost in accidents. Because these disasters often occur in remote corners of the world and rarely involve members of the general public, they seldom attract the sort of media attention given to those disasters which involve civil aircraft.

In this, the first volume to systematically document and describe military aviation disasters, author David Gero has assembled a century of mishaps, beginning with the loss of a Wright flyer that was being demonstrated for the U.S. Army in 1908. In addition to the aircraft types and serial numbers, and times, places, and causes, there are copies of accident reports and previously unpublished photographs of crash sites. Also includes combat losses involving transport aircraft and gliders.
The Air Controllers' Controversy : Lessons from the Patco Strike
PATCO strikers kept their integrity, even at enormous cost
Unable to get Congress to deal, PATCO took a calculated risk, and was blindsided by a new and reckless Reagan Administration. Its actions sought system upgrades still not achieved today, and the re-unionization of the replacement workers vindicates PATCO's insistence that the FAA is a very poor administrative body.NATCA continues PATCO's struggle, and thereby honors PATCO's memory (as does the steady recall of PATCO strikers.
Grounded : Reagan and the Patco Crash (Garland Studies in the History of American Labor)
This book analyses the rhetorical background and strategies of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) and those of Ronald Reagan in reference to the 1981 strike. Was firing 11,000 federal employees the only option, or the best option available? The work examines the applicable federal statute, which provided and encouraged more leeway than the administration exercised; the stormy relations between the controllers and the Federal Aviation Administration; and the development of the rhetorical persona of Ronald Reagan, a persona favoring epideictic over deliberative rhetoric.
(Ph.D. dissertation,University of Pittsburgh, 1993; revised with new preface, bibliography, and index)
Federal Government As Employer : The Federal Labor Relations Authority and the Patco Challenge (Labor Relations and Public Policy Series, No 32)

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