FAA Historical Chronology, 1926-1996

This is an online version of the FAA Historical Chronology: Civil Aviation and the Federal Government, 1926-1996, published in 1998. This version contains the complete text of the chronology as well as eight of the nine appendixes. It omits certain introductory material.

This chronology is a factual reference and includes only minimal analysis. Some interpretation is necessary, however, in presenting any historical material, and the FAA history staff were given complete freedom in this regard. Any conclusions expressed, therefore, do not necessarily represent the official views of the FAA.

FAA Historical Chronology, 1926-1996 http://www.faa.gov/docs/ b-chron.doc

Appendix I, Historical Organizational Charts and Region Maps: This graphical material

is available in the printed version only at this time.

Appendix II, Leaders of FAA's Predecessor Agencies http://www.faa.gov/docs/c-ap2.doc

Appendix III, Administrators and Deputy Administrators of FAA http://www.faa.gov/docs/d-ap3.doc

Appendix IV, Secretaries of Commerce and Transportation with Aviation

Responsibilities http://www.faa.gov/docs/e-ap4.doc

Apendix V, Air Route Traffic Control Centers http://www.faa.gov/docs/f-ap5.doc

Appendix VI, Employment in FAA and Predecessor Agencies http://www.faa.gov/docs/g-ap6.doc

Appendix VII, Federal Grants-in-Aid to Airports, 1947-1997 http://www.faa.gov/docs/h-ap7.doc

Appendix VIII, Appropriations for FAA and Predecessor Agencies http://www.faa.gov/docs/i-ap8.doc

Appendix IX, Accidents, Fatalities, and Rates, 1975-1996 http://www.faa.gov/docs/j-ap9.doc