Oct. 4, 2004 ABC 7 News at 6

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The story of the wrong guy - in the wrong place - at the wrong time.
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Fasten Your Seatbelts, Please
Eyes on the Sky

Air traffic controllers are in charge of thousands of lives every day. Their mission is to direct the planes from the ground, ensuring the passengers' safe flights.
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On The Discovery Channel
Air Traffic Cop
Climb into the air traffic controller's tower to learn how an elaborate yet outdated radar network makes American's skies safe for over 60,000 daily commercial flights. Examine the high tech equipment that is making this high-stress job easier.
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On the Learning Channel
Understanding Air Traffic Control
Air-traffic controllers safely navigate 200,000 airplanes every day.
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On the Learning Channel
Near Miss
The air traffic controllers of New York's La Guardia, Kennedy and Newark airports monitor one of the world's busiest airspaces. Learn what it means to "shoot the gap" and hear about near catastrophes and the vital lessons learned from them.
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